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The heart of the project is our life story of two twin brothers Normunds and Nauris Macius based on true patriotism and love for basketball.

By nationality Lithuanians who live in Rīga the capital of Latvia we’ve always been fans of Lithuanian basketball and have acquainted people in the world with the names of Lithuania and Latvia. Being true patriots of our brother nations Latvians and Lithuanians, we decided to create a fund for promoting and developing basketball and sports both in Lithuania and Latvia. Considering that

the name BRALIUKAI had become known both in Lithuania and across its borders, we became interested in creating products with this brand that symbolises love for the sport and true patriotism. So the brand BRALIUKAI was registered together with its logo showing the image of two brothers which symbolises friendship as well as fatefulness both to a sport and to our Baltic nations.

One of the most important projects

that we’ve carried out was the creation of the BRALIUKAI tent for Lithuanian fans and their friends during EuroBasket 2015 whose first tournament stage was organised in Latvia. The tent became the symbol of unity for Lithuanian fans and their Latvian friends and helped much in popularising the names Latvia and Lithuania. It became a sort of a bridge between Latvia and Lithuania since it was a project carried out by representatives from both countries.

In 2013, to make these ideas a reality, first talks were carried out with the potential producers who showed interest in creating a BRALIUKAI product line. These first cooperation companies were KAUNAS ALUS (beer producer) and ROKIŠKIO PIENAS (dairy producer). The first products that were produced as early as autumn 2013 were beer and cheese BRALIUKAI. Currently, we’ve created, and in cooperation with the Lithuanian company

EPIGONE produce and distribute a BRALIUKAI souvenir line, offering T-shirts, hats, bracelets, keyrings and other representation and souvenir products. We have successfully begun and carried out several projects in basketball uniform creation. The bases for this project are high-quality sports uniforms and individual approach to each customer. Are uniforms are used by teams in England (UK), United States of America (USA) and Sweden.

To make this project successful the company SIA “BRALIUKAI TWINS” was founded with base operations in Rīga, Latvia. BRALIUKAI TWINS is the brand supervisor that in cooperation with the producers grants them rights of producing products with the BRALIUKAI brand and coordinates the creation of BRALIUKAI product line, as well as oversees the distribution and BRALIUKAI brand popularisation in the world on the other hand, BRALIUKAI was created to support the fund, by giving part of the earnings to it. Currently, there are also talks about filming a documentary on the creation of BRALIUKAI fan movement, about brothers Macius and their love for basketball, based on the events of EuroBasket 2015 in Rīga and the brothers’ life. Currently, the BRALIUKAI product line can be separated into two directions – food produce (beer, cheese et al.) and non-food products (souvenirs, sports clothing).